Connected Energy® DAta AnAlytics Platform
  • Provides standard and customized visualization of smart grid data
  • Includes out-of-the-box capabilities for DR program analysis and reporting
  • Provides automatic, near real-time ETL feeds from Connected Energy suite of products
  • Integration available for existing SCADA and AMI data feeds

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Solution Components

Connected Energy® DATA ANAlytics Features
  • Schedule data for delivery in multiple formats including CSV, Excel, and PDF
  • Support for charting, tabular and flexible data formats
  • Dynamically mine data for adhoc analysis
  • Build predictive models based on weather and similar day forecasting
  • Data can be delivered via e-mail, file transfer or a secured portal

Data Analytics

The Connected Energy® Data Analytics product is a powerful Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) data visualization and analysis platform tailored to the needs of the modern electric utility.

  - Identify best customers for DR opportunities.

  - Predict day-ahead and same-day load curves.

  - Analyze M&V metrics for anomalies.

  - Report DR program efficiencies.  

  - Monitor DER assets for optimal utilization.