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Welcome to Connected Energy!


Connected Energy provides electric utilities with a suite of smart grid solutions that support advanced distribution automation from substations through customer premises. Our solutions collaborate across the grid, helping utilities increase efficiency and reliability to improve their financial, operational and environmental performance. Connected Energy combines our experience in applying smart grid solutions with our market-leading technology to successfully serve leading utilities.

Demand Management

Connected Energy is a leading provider of next generation demand management solutions for electric utilities using two-way communications, providing full Measurement and Verification (M&V) and Predictive Analytics capabilities. The Connected Energy® Demand Management solution includes software, communications and hardware for load management, market monetization and operational reliability needs. We are an end-to-end turnkey provider of demand management solutions that support the full range of demand management models.


Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Management

Our Connected Energy® DER Management solution coordinates capacity and load at the edge of the electrical network in order to meet reliability and efficiency requirements of electric utilities. Distributed energy resources (DER) including renewable and distributed generation, energy storage and load resource groups, are constructed dynamically based on their attributes. This approach offers coordinated management of dissimilar DER assets at a granular level. It also enables a strong business case by maximizing the value of DER components managed by a unified control system.


Data Analytics

The Connected Energy® Data Analytics product is a powerful Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) data visualization and analysis platform tailored to the needs of the modern electric utility

  - Identify best customers for DR opportunities.

  - Predict day-ahead and same-day load curves.

  - Analyze M&V metrics for anomalies.

  - Report DR program efficiencies.  

  - Monitor DER assets for optimal utilization.

Automation concept as an innovation, improving productivity, reliability and repeatability

Program Management

Connected Energy offers portals and apps that enable the complete life-cycle management of program customers and equipment.  Features include:

  - recruitment campaign optimization and execution

  - marketing tracking

  - contracting

  - equipment acquisition and tracking

  - installation and work order scheduling

  - incentive calculation

  - Field services geo lookup and on-site diagnostics

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