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Connected Energy offers a set of solutions to enable utilities to respond to and thrive in the dynamic energy marketplace.

The farmer holds a smartphone and touches the screen to connect the intelligent management

Agricultural Irrigation Load Control (AILC) Solutions


Irrigation load programs are ideal contributors for demand management programs.  They are high-yield per asset and can easily shift from peak hours to off-peak hours. 


Smart Thermostat and BYOT/BYOD Solutions

Connected Energy works with a full set of smart thermostat vendors to offer complete BYOT and utility-purchased programs.  CNRG's full integration allows for temp rise, pre-cool, basic and adaptive duty cycling.  Customer comfort is guaranteed with a max temperature setting.

Residential Load Control Solutions

Air conditioners, hot water heaters, ambient heat, and pool pumps are all candidate for Direct Load Control (DLC) programs.  Connected Energy leverages near real-time communications and integrated Measurement and Verification (M&V) to offer a multi-use operational load control solution.

Businessperson's hand holding outline of house model with energy efficiency rate on reflec

Solar, Wind, and Storage Solutions

Connected Energy seamlessly integrates Distributed Energy Resources (DER) assets into a single platform for integrated planning and execution of generation, load, and storage assets.  Connected Energy is a member of SunSec and implements standards as part of the silution.

Sustainable Energy
the power supply for Charging of an electric car_edited.jpg

Electric Vehicle (EV) Solutions


The CNRG software suite includes the ability to connect to Electric Vehicles (EV) fleets or charging stations.  Programs can be designed for charging off-peak to allow for load-shifting on the distribution grid.

Manager balancing out fossil fuels and renewable energy resources in the palm of his hands

Microgrids, Virtual Power Plants, and Specialized Solutions

Connected Energy has worked with utilities and research labs, including EPRI and Sandia Labs, to design, manage and implement forward-looking projects.  These projects are often funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) and are used as working demonstrations of capabilities that can be rolled out for broader use.

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