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Connected energy Provides comprehensive services for turnkey deployment of our Grid Management solution, customized for each deployment
  • Deployment Services install grid sensors, and customize software screens for substation and circuit level projects
  • Communications Network Services including the design and deployment of the two-way communications network
  • Hosting Services provide secure operation of our Grid Management software
  • Operation & Maintenance Services support a deployment throughout the life of the program

Solution Components

Connected Energy® Grid Management Software

Our Grid Management software provides an intuitive browser based user interface for monitoring of the distribution grid. A human machine interface (HMI) with customizable screens provides one-line circuit diagrams combined with power metrics. Monitor distribution circuits to improve:

  • Reliability Measures (SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIDI)
  • Volt/VAR Management
  • Power Metrics Below the Substation
  • Fault Identification and Location
GridSentry Line Sensors

Cost effective monitoring of medium voltage circuits with operating voltage classes from 1 kV to 69 kV, inductively powered with no batteries required

Power Metrics:

  • Average, min, max RMS current measurement to 1000 A
  • RMS Line Voltage estimated from field
  • Fault Current Magnitude up to 25 kA
  • Power Factor
  • Harmonics
  • Line Temperature
  • Fault Current Waveforms
  • Fault Indication

Grid Management

Our Connected Energy® Grid Management solution expands monitoring throughout the distribution network supporting advanced distribution automation. Distribution circuits can now be continuously monitored, providing valuable information on the condition of the grid. This information can be used for a variety of operational needs such as improving volt/VAR control, optimizing voltage for CVR energy savings, restoring service more quickly by locating and identifying line faults, measuring power quality at renewables interconnects and protecting assets on congested circuits. Connected Energy offers leading edge Grid Management Software coupled with turnkey distribution line monitoring systems for a comprehensive grid management offering using multiple-vendor sensors to optimize cost and performance of the system.