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DER Management

Our Connected Energy® DER Management solution coordinates capacity and load at the edge of the electrical network in order to meet reliability and efficiency requirements of electric utilities. Distributed energy resources (DER) including renewable and distributed generation, energy storage and load resource groups, are constructed dynamically based on their attributes. This approach offers coordinated management of dissimilar DER assets at a granular level. It also enables a strong business case by maximizing the value of DER components managed by a unified control system.

Connected Energy Provides comprehensive services for turnkey deployment of our DER Management solution, customized for each deployment
  • Integration Services enable connection to a wide range of distributed energy resources
  • Hosting Services provide secure operation of our DER Management software
  • Operation & Maintenance Services support a deployment throughout the life of the program

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Solution Components

Connected Energy® DER Management Software

Our DER Management software provides an intuitive user interface to view and manage Distributed Energy Resources (DER).  These grid resources allow:

  • Data Analytic viewing of solar, wind, storage and micro grids
  • Connect to smart inverters to management injection of Active or Reactive Power
  • Integration of substation metering and DER for Power Factor correction